living art
Who am I and what am I selling?

My name is Hella, let's get acquainted. Since early childhood I was accustomed to the arts, some periods in my life I have played in the theater and put on plays, but painting is my passion. I paint from 19 years in oil on the theme of people and their nature. All intrigue people and their inner conflicts - that's me, I embody the dirt souls of lost people

Art is the only way for me to be strong and always frustrates me. This dissonance and nourishes me, it's a crazy energy, like a natural phenomenon, like a storm at sea. this is my home, join me

canvas on stretcher ; 
painting size 30*40

I was prompted by thoughts on this picture of family girls who want love and are brought up only by their mother who are taught to please men and gradually these girls turn into kept women and are not able to control their lives. The green color is acidic and bright, but not calm, as is commonly believed in the world.

"Man in limbo"

painting on cardboard ;painting size 30*40

This picture was painted on the stream, at that time I myself was in such a state and did not know how to get out of it, as if I was standing still and at the same time I had open doors to everything. This man is my male energy of achieving everything in life, the energy of a fighter. But I used a new technique here and used my fingers, I wanted to fully blend into the oil on canvas. A man to be crucified, passion for women led him to bitches

My latest online presentation of my paintings, "Women, Men, and their Depression"

You can watch a part of my life and a little footage of me painting on my YouTube channel