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Welcome to Hella Peintures Art World

Bonjour, my name is Hella I'm from Russia, I'm 19 years old and I live my whole life in art. I have three incomplete education (two creative, music and theater) and also I took the documents before the exams in grade 11, because I wanted to do what I like. At that time it was theater.

I am a fan of bizarre exhibitions in art, but also love realism (now I'm training and wish to start painting in realism again). I am just beginning to become an artist, but I cannot say that I am completely an artist, there are still many new discoveries to make in my painting career.

Painting for me is jazz, like sitting alone near a window, it is a dance of colors, which completely takes my mind and carries it away. It's another world that gives answers to many questions.

Most of the time in my paintings you will find the thesis of "art is dirt" . Sometimes in my paintings you will find expressive strokes, emotional and deep - this is my depressive phase (I am bipolar like Van Gogh)
Maybe I'm his spiritual daughter. Let's check it out.